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Propane Tanks
Other Energy Companies in the Utility Partners Group:

  • Utility Energy Systems
    Utility Energy Systems – UES designs, installs and maintains propane backup/standby systems. www.utilityenergysystems.com

  • Utility Partners Incorporated
    Utility Partners Incorporated UPI provides complete energy system packages on a shared-savings basis to highly qualified companies. www.utility-partners.com

Utility Partners Background

Utility Partners was started in July of 1994 having as its purpose clear; to provide excellent energy solutions for clients downstream of the meter. This is where energy decisions and actions have the greatest impact and where the least amount of support is provided by local utilities. In many respects, Utility Partners carries with it many of the business principles and competencies of Minnegasco Industrial Service®, a business operated by Minnesota-based Minnegasco® until 1994.

As is the case with nearly all utilities, Minnegasco® was only obligated to provide energy solutions/service up to the energy meter; from that point it was the Customers responsibility. For energy users to manage this situation effectively, especially with the growth and volatility of energy prices, this responsibility requires proactive involvement by energy experts who have the Company’s best interests in mind. With the myriad of demands placed upon Facility/Energy managers, the limited internal resources, and the energy industry knowledge base changing so quickly, Utility Partners has seen wonderful receptivity for its energy performance services. The end result is that customers have truly benefited by having a company with over 60 collective years of energy Industry experience working on their behalf.

The primary focus of Utility Partners is to help our customers spend less of their time and money on energy by assisting in gaining a full understanding of energy consumption including providing sound recommendations which lower energy purchase costs while enhancing overall reliability. Typical customers have been bakeries, manufacturers, concrete or agricultural processing plants.
Utility Partners is committed to a tenet of “not costing customers anything” since its core services either lower energy consumption or the cost of energy purchases which create more in energy savings than whatever is charged. Utility Partners is most pleased that to its knowledge, it has not had a dissatisfied customer since we started. If you are considering joining the Utility Partners team, please hold fast to what were common attributes of honesty, integrity, and diligence. If you are considering having us help your company, we hope we display these qualities in our work.

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